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Astrology is an ancient science that people have relied upon for centuries to improve their health conditions and society’s betterment. Humans consist of five essential elements affected by the cosmos, numbers and other forces in the universe.

Smt Parama Thakur is a famous astrologer in Mumbai whose passion is studying cosmological movements, offering feasible solutions to her clients, and improving their lives. She focuses on making life more beautiful, satisfying, and accessible to people from all worries.

Smt Parama Thakur - The Best Astrologer in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Smt Parama Thakur is an educated astrologer in Mumbai who does not believe in providing people with false hopes. She instead focuses on her clients’ strengths and helps them win over their weaknesses.

During college, the new-age Vedic and KP astrologer in Mumbai developed an interest in astrology and decided to build it into her career. Parama Thakur had always wanted to help fellow citizens and thus studied astrology. She then started studying Astrology and Numerology to understand what makes humans think in the way they do. She has consistently received the support of her parents while conducting research in Astrology, Numerology and Cognitive Therapy.

Smt Parama Thakur, the best astrologer in Mumbai, has gained over ten years of experience as a professional astrologer and has received many worldwide acclaims. She had completed a master’s in traditional Astrology from one of the best astrology institutes in India. Her interest in the field has led her to complete a specialization course in Tibetan Lama Tantra and Marriage Match Making.

Today, the famous astrologer in Mumbai, Smt Parama Thakur, is a member of various Astrology associations worldwide, including the renowned American Federation of Astrologers and the British Association of Vedic Astrology.

Many astrologers provide false hopes nowadays and misuse their knowledge to gain more profits. Smt Parama Thakur is a genuine astrologer whose respect for the field has earned her numerous clients. Celebrities are also known to consult her on occasion to seek guidance. The best astrologer in Mumbai has an accuracy rate of 99%, and 99% of her clients have sought her consultations repeatedly.

Smt Parama Thakur, the famous astrologer in Mumbai, believes in the ancient science of Numerology and studies it to help analyze the difficulties faced by her clients and how to improve their situation. The ten primary numbers make up the world and affect human life. Graphology is another area in which Smt Parama Thakur has expertise. It is the study of analyzing a person’s handwriting and understanding their personality traits. Science is also used extensively in the criminology field. The best astrologer in Mumbai depends on Graphology to help a person find their soul mate and have a happy married life.

Smt Parama Thakur studies Vastu Shastra to understand the forces of the universe and their effect on the land and the owner. She helps her clients lead a fruitful life and have a healthy workspace by eliminating all the harmful effects on the space.
Cognitive Therapy is close to the heart of Smt Parama Thakur, and she has evolved as a therapist. Her research in astrology and other related fields has helped her understand human emotions better and allowed them to have a happy, successful life.

Noble Cause

The concerned Smt Parama Thakur supports those who cannot afford to pay an astrologer’s consultation fees through her “General Chamber.” She believes that everyone should have the chance to improve their prospects in life and should not be left behind by financial difficulties. Her noble approach has helped her gain a large clientele.

At present, the best astrologer in Mumbai is dedicated to helping out her clients by solving all their problems through the science of Astrology and Numerology, Palmistry and Tarot Card Reading, Graphology, and Vastu Shastra, and Cognitive Therapy.

While residing in Mumbai, if you face any difficult situations in life, please feel free to call (+91) 8777434011 and trust Smt Parama Thakur, the best astrologer in Mumbai, to resolve all your problems.

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