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    Top-Rated Astrology Related Services at an Affordable Price in West Bengal (Kolkata, Howrah, Burdwan, Durgapur and Siliguri). 100% Guaranteed Solutions Provided through Effective Consultation, Rudrakshas and Gem Therapy in West Bengal, India.

    Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as one of the best professional astrologers in Kolkata (South & North), Durgapur, Burdwan, Siliguri, and West Bengal. She has been practising astrology and consulting with clients professionally for more than ten years. She developed her love for this magical world of astrology during her college days. Her passion for this field helped her complete her Masters in traditional Astrology and grabbed the title of being the “best astrologer in West Bengal.” Moreover, she has also been awarded as the “best astrologer in India” for her divine work in astrology. Over the years, she has tried her best to provide her services as the best astrologer in Kolkata (South & North), Durgapur, and West Bengal.

    Apart from Astrology, she has immense knowledge and proven expertise in other related forms of Astrology such as Numerology, Palmistry, Graphology, Vastu Shastra etc. Many consider her one of the best astrologers in Kolkata (South & North), Durgapur and Siliguri, as she believes it to be her sole duty to provide her clients with the ultimate solution to their problems a very reasonable cost. Every year she goes to “Kamakhya” and “Tarapith” with her profound team of astrologers to perform one of the best “Tantra Kriya” to provide solutions to some of the problems which are impossible to solve. She encompasses all the qualities required for a reliable and experienced astrologer, and for her, the wellness of her clients is the essential thing in this world; for which her clients regard her as one of the best and most famous astrologers in Kolkata (South & North), Durgapur, Siliguri, Burdwan and the entire West Bengal.

    Astrological Services in Kolkata
    (South & North) | Durgapur | Siliguri | Burdwan | West Bengal

    Best, Famous and Top Astrological Services. Smt Parama Thakur provides expert level astrology related services like Cognitive Therapy, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu, Feng-Shui, Tarrot-card Reading, Gem Therapy, Reiki And Healing etc….

    Best Tantra Kriya in West Bengal and Assam, India - Kamakhya and Tarapith in the World of Astrology

    Best, Famous and Top Tantrik & Jyotish Astrologer in Kolkata (South and North), West Bengal | Smt Parama Thakur

    Smt Parama Thakur believes that there are two famous times in the year which astrologers can use to solve some of the impossible problems of their clients. The two best times are known as “Ambubachi” Yog (Time) in Kamakhya and “Kaushiki Amavasya” in Tarapith, during which the gateway between the underworld and the heaven opens, and the powers of the almighty are felt the most. Every year, many devotees from Kolkata (South & North), Durgapur, Burdwan, Siliguri and the entire West Bengal move to those places to pray to the almighty and take a bath in the holy waters. During this time, Smt Parama Thakur and her team of qualified astrologers move to this famous place to perform the best “Tantra Kriya” that can only be done for the welfare of the people.

    It is to be noted that these “Tantra Kriyas” are always to be performed by some of the best astrologers; if it’s not done that way, it can negatively impact people’s lives. Also, if positive and negative tantras are being performed on the same Yagyas, then it cannot bring you enough good. Hence Smt Parama Thakur only serves “Tantra Kriyas” for some specific peoples and doesn’t perform anything that can harm anyone. Every year, her team books the slots for her clients for whom she will perform the Yagyas and provides 100% assured results to them. Through her ethics and her proven expertise in astrology, her clients refer to her as one of the best and most famous astrologers in Kolkata (South & North) and West Bengal.

    Best, Famous & Top Love Marriage Astrologer in Kolkata, Durgapur, Burdwan & Siliguri (West Bengal)

    Smt Parama Thakur – Love Astrologer and Marriage Match Maker in Kolkata, Durgapur, Burdwan, Siliguri and West Bengal

    Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as one of the best astrologer, palmist and numerologist in Kolkata, Burdwan, Durgapur and Siliguri for her flawless and genuine techniques. Besides being an astrologer, Smt Parama Thakur also encompasses some thought reading ability the gives her the natural ability of counselling which other astrologers may not have and which she applies for solving many love problems or love marriage problems.

    She believes that love or relationship is one of the best gifts of nature that human beings have and it is his duty to solve all the obstacles in the relationship. It is said that the marriages are made in heaven but there are certain planets which can force you to take the wrong decision in life, which can, in turn, take you straight to hell.

    Experience Top Compatibility, Love Marriage Match Making & Career Analysis in Kolkata, Durgapur, Burdwan, Siliguri and West Bengal

    Smt Parama Thakur – Best Love Astrologer, Jyotish Astrologer and Marriage Match Maker in Kolkata, West Bengal

    Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as one of the best and most famous Jyotish astrologers in Kolkata or West Bengal for her flawless assessment in Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra etc. An important service is known as “Graphology,” which is sometimes not regarded as a part of astrology. However, in many cases, Graphology plays an essential role in analyzing a person’s behaviour, which can be used in marriage compatibility analysis and career analysis.

    For its religious importance in analysis-related fields, Graphology has been used by Smt Parama Thakur to provide thousands of successful marriage matches and the right career path for many students. However, it is also to be noted that we should always take other critical studies like palm reading, horoscope matching, etc., to provide a 100% accurate solution for marriage matchmaking problems so that people can live an everlasting happy life.

    Her love and dedication towards any subject can help her forecast 100% accurate solutions for her clients; Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as one of the best astrologers in Kolkata and the best love marriage matchmakers in Kolkata, West Bengal.

    Smt Parama Thakur, one of the best, famous and top marriage astrologers, solves many love problems through various techniques like palmistry, numerology, vashikaran (through counselling) and many other Vedic and KP methods. Many people in Kolkata and throughout West Bengal have a 100% guaranteed solution through her techniques, which has helped them bind their bride/groom in their relationship. In many cases, she provides the answer through Gems and Rudrakshas, which allows her clients to get the results fast and make their relationship like the one you have ever longed for.

    Best Career Counselling through Astrology in Kolkata, Burdwan, Durgapur & Siliguri (West Bengal)

    Smt Parama Thakur – Best Astrologer and Professional Career Counsellor in Kolkata, West Bengal

    Astrology has come up to a long way when suggesting the right career path for the students. Some of the best astrologers in Kolkata, like Smt Parama Thakur, use astrological techniques to properly analyze our talents and career scope. You can get some idea about your career through your 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th house in your birth horoscope. However, only horoscope analysis cannot provide you with everything when it comes to the best astrological counselling. It can only tell you about the strength and weaknesses you have.

    Smt Parama Thakur, unlike many other celebrity astrologers in Kolkata, has a passion for astrology and psychology, which helps her read the minds of persons and provide them with accurate solutions. Apart from them, she has a vast knowledge of the best career options in technical and non-technical fields. Her flawless astrological analysis and successful career counselling have helped many Kolkata and entire West Bengal students pursue the best study area and job by their zodiac signs. For this reason, she is regarded as the best astrologer and career counsellor in Kolkata, West Bengal.

    Know Why Smt Parama Thakur is Regarded As One of the Best, Famous & Top Astrologers in Kolkata, Burdwan, Durgapur, Siliguri and West Bengal (WB)

    Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as one of the best astrologers in Kolkata, Burdwan, Durgapur, Siliguri and the entire West Bengal because of the following reasons:

    • 10+ years of experience in Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Graphology, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Shastra etc.
    • She can provide assured results within a concise frame of time and at an affordable cost.
    • For her, it doesn’t matter if the clients are rich or poor; she has customized solutions for everyone in India & abroad.
    • Best quality certified Gemstones and Rudraksha in Kolkata, West Bengal are provided, bringing assured results.
    • Complementary Vastu solution and suvlav yantram are provided at specialty chambers for assured success in your life.
    • an Unlimited number of clients who have got accurate results from her and provided their kind reviews on Google and Facebook.
    • Down to earth personality and 100% assured confidentiality enable you to discuss your problems very frankly.

    Frequently Asked Astrology Questions - Know From the Best Astrologer in Kolkata (Smt Parama Thakur)

    According to many referral review sites and the opinion of thousands of clients in Kolkata, it has been proven that Smt Parama Thakur top the list amongst the astrologers in Kolkata.
    Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as the most genuine astrologer in Kolkata through her divine knowledge in this field of astrology. Moreover, her services are always backed with constant support until the clients get what they want.
    Smt Parama Thakur is an excellent and specialist astrologer in Kolkata by many astrology organizations and quality astrologers in Kolkata. Her love and dedication in this field have made her the place she is today.
    Smt Parama Thakur is an astrologer who knows both Vedic and KP astrology techniques. She believes that the proper solution to a problem can only be found if we follow a middle way by combining these two techniques. For more about her KP astrology techniques, you can consult the numerology techniques page of Smt Parama Thakur.
    You can find a good and most famous astrologer in Kolkata by searching on Google and consulting the relevant results. It is always advisable to consult the three-pack listings and the websites of actual astrologers rather than any generic sites like Quora, for example.
    After many successful telephonic consultations from Bangalore, Smt Parama Thakur has extended her astrology-related support to Bangalore. She has many dedicated client bases who regard her as one of the top astrologers in Bangalore and many other big cities in India. You can consult her astrology on the Bangalore page for more details.
    Smt Parama Thakur has been regarded as one of the most famous astrologers in India for many years for her knowledge and dedication to the field of astrology. Moreover, the title she has achieved was also provided by some of the best and most experienced astrologers in the Indian astrology forum. You can consult her astrology in India page for more details.
    Smt Parama Thakur has been regarded as an excellent astrologer in Delhi for her services. You can consult her astrology in Delhi page for more details.
    Smt Parama Thakur is regarded as one of the best astrologers in Mumbai for the dedication and honesty she has shown in the field of astrology. Many clients benefitted through her consultation and regarded her as one of the best astrologers in Mumbai. You can consult her astrology on the Mumbai page for more details.

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