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Initially formulated for the Indian climate, “Vastushastra” considers the sun’s orientation, prevailing winds, and directions of the earth’s magnetic fields. Much of it is derived from the science of Geomancy and dressed as a religion to make it more palatable for the masses.

When we align the various external expressions of our lives with our inner desires and the spirit’s longings, life takes on a new dimension of meaning and clarity. The Vastuworld philosophy is based on living and acting with love, awareness, and positive intention. It’s about taking the necessary steps to make peace – with ourselves, our work, the spaces in which we spend our days and nights, the earth… and each other. Indeed, successful design places equal importance on the beauty of a space, the mindful selection of materials, the occupants’ overall well-being, and the ensemble’s minimal impact on the environment.

A healthy workspace promotes the productivity, efficiency, and wellness of all those who work and do business there while setting a positive example of compassionate responsibility within the corporate community.

• It promotes lifestyle awareness as an essential part of creating spaces for the soul.
• It can also recommend sourcing environmental paints, organic products, and other decorative and personal items.
• Another essential part of creating a genuinely healthy space is identifying and managing electromagnetic fields that emanate from electronic equipment and ungrounded wires, particularly in areas where occupants spend large amounts of time, such as bedrooms and offices.

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