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    According to the knowledge shared by some of the best astrologer in South Kolkata, astrology and astronomy were treated similarly in the earlier period and only got separated in the 17th century – where astrology was rejected. During the later period, astronomy was given more preference and astronomy was made the foundation upon which astrology could base its operation.

    In the 18th century, astronomy was included under science and believed to be much more realistic and logical where astrology was made to believe that it is a pseudo-science used for forecasting future events. The importance of astrology was widely felt in medieval Europe as the astrological texts were translated into Latin from its original version. In the late Middle Ages, its acknowledgement or dismissal regularly relied upon its gathering in the imperial courts of Europe. Not until the hour of Francis Bacon was soothsaying dismissed as a piece of educational mysticism instead of exact perception. A progressively authoritative split among soothsaying and stargazing in the West occurred step by step in the seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years when crystal gazing was progressively thought of as a mysterious science or superstition by the scholarly first class. Due to their long shared history, it in some cases happens that the two are mistaken for each other even today. Numerous contemporary celestial prophets, be that as it may, don’t guarantee that crystal gazing is a science, however, consider it a type of divination like the I-Ching, workmanship, or a piece of a profound conviction structure.

    Basic Difference between Astrology and Astronomy

    1) Astronomy is the science that involves the study of the whole universe and the planets, galaxies or asteroids located within them and astronomers base their facts on years of study and research. Astrology is a pseudo-science which involves the study of the existing planets and their positioning and forecasting the fate of human beings on the basis of the same.

    2) Astronomy involves lots and lots of calculations to properly estimate the positioning of the planets and other heavenly objects while astrology uses the astronomy’s calculations to properly forecast the fate of human beings.

    3) Astronomers use proper scientific methods and mathematical reasoning to properly explain any kind of phenomena occurring in the universe. While astrologers combine religious reasoning with some mathematical calculation to properly explain any kind of events which are occurring in the lives of human beings.

    Although there is some basic difference between astrology and astronomy, they were once believed to be similar as both of them complement each other in some cases. Some of the top astrologers in the world respect the astronomers for their research on planets and other heavenly bodies as they help them in proper forecasting and research. Consult some of the best astrologers like Parama Thakur, who have the ability to properly explain any futuristic events on the basis of some realistic calculation and logical reasoning.

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