Know the Importance of Hanuman Chalisa from the Best Astrologer in Behala

By Parama Thakur | August 12th, 2022 | 0 Comments

Hanuman Chalisa is a poem composed by the great saint Tulsidas, who is regarded as an incarnation of Saint Valmiki, the great. Hanuman Chalisa holds a special place in the hearts of every Hindus and it basically has 40 verses to praise the god Hanuman. Tulsidas formulated the Hanuman Chalisa in while he was captured by the emperor Aurangzeb and according to him, the person who will chant this would enjoy the unlimited grace from god Hanuman.

Astrological Significance

  • It has been found that chanting Hanuman Chalisa for 40 days neutralizes the bad effects of Saturn’s transit. For the persons who are enjoying the negative effects of Saturn, it is advisable for them to chant that at least 8 times on Saturday. This will draw away the ill effects of Saturn and will provide a huge relief to the person.
  • Those who are Mangalik should also chat that for drawing away from its effects.
  • You can also enhance the positive effects of Mars by chanting Hanuman Chalisa
  • Those who are under the ill effects of Saturn and Mars can also chat that for relief.

Unlike others, it can be read both in the morning and in the evening and doesn’t take more than 10 mins to read through the beautiful poem. It is said that it purifies the human body and mind and enlighten his spiritualism. It also saves a person from upcoming dangers and instils confidence in him to conquer the world. Last but not least, reading the Chalisa at night also helps in drawing away from the evil forces. Hence, it doesn’t matter if we are students, professionals, atheist or non-atheist, this can really help in the succeeding in our lives and worth trying.

However, you can only enjoy the full effects of Hanuman Chalisa if you can combine its power with other Astro remedies. Hence, it is always advisable to consult some of the best astrologers in Behala while you practice reading the Hanuman Chalisa.

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