Vastu Tips from the Best Indian Astrologers for West-Facing Home

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Vastu Shastra as we all know is the science which deals with the proper positioning of objects to ensure positivity in our lives. Vastu has proven to be very essential when it comes to bringing happiness into our houses and for which its popularity is increasing day by day. From bedrooms to bathrooms or puja rooms – basic Vastu rules should be followed as per some of the best astrologers in South Kolkata.

There is someone who might be interested in knowing some of the basic tips regarding houses facing north, south, east or west. In this blog, we would discuss some of the basic tips and tactics for west-facing houses as per Vastu Shastra.

How to Know if Your House is Facing West?

A simple way to know if your house is facing the west direction is to stand in front of your gate and check the direction with a magnetic needle. In case you are facing the west direction, then your house is facing in that direction too.

Advantages of a House Facing West Direction

West-facing houses are ideal for ensuring positive energy into our houses as they can ensure the sun rays for the longest hours of the day. Some believe that west-facing houses can bring along more wealth and prosperity into our lives – thus it is ideal for businessmen, teachers or politicians.

Vastu Analysis of West Facing Houses

Contradicting with above belief, others believe that west or north-facing houses bring back luck for us. However, according to some of the best Vastu consultants in Behala, if you can follow the basic Vastu principles – you can also make your west facing houses an auspicious living space. There are no rules in Vastu that can state any direction to be inappropriate – the main thing that is worth noting is the location of your main entrance.

Best Vastu Tips for West-Facing Houses

As per the general analysis, west-facing houses are ideally suited for children’s room; dining room, study room, bedroom and puja room. However, it is not recommended to place the bathroom, guest room, girls’ bedroom and other water bodies in the west direction.

Given below is a comprehensive analysis for west-facing houses as per Vastu Shastra:

Position of the Main Door and Windows

As per Vastu, mid-west or entrance door facing the northern part is ideal for houses. However, it is also recommended to remove any dustbins near the main doors and include some metallic structure near them like nameplates or bells.

As per windows are concerned, it is always recommended to place them in the northern or in the eastern direction to enhance the flow of energy.

Position of Bedroom

As per Vastu, it is always recommended to place the master bedroom in the south-west direction – which is believed to strengthen the relationship of yours with your partner. In case your house has more than one floor, then it is recommended to place the master bedroom on the highest floor to ensure success and harmony.

Position of Children’s Room

The rooms for children should ideally be placed in the north-west, west or in the southern direction – with wardrobes in south/west and door in the east. West direction is believed to bring energy to the children, which is extremely important for their study.

Position of Living Room

Living rooms should ideally be placed in the northeast, northwest, north or the eastern direction. It is also recommended to place any heavy furniture in the room in the west or the south-west direction.

Position of Kitchen

It is not recommended to place the kitchen in the north-east or south-west direction as it acts as a bad omen. It can be ideally placed in the north-east and south-west direction of the house as per Vastu Shastra.

You can get over the worries about your west-facing home by following some of the tips mentioned above. Apart from that, there are some interior designs companies who hires some of the best Vastu consultants to look over the Vastu factor and whom you can also contact before planning an interior for your house. Interior designers can provide a total solution along with Vastu Shastra analysis and they are worth being considered for such Vastu-friendly interior planning and execution.

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