Best Vastu Tips from Vastu Consultants to Enhance the Positivity for Your Home

By Parama Thakur | July 31st, 2022 | 0 Comments

The lives of human beings are not easy today as they have to work very hard for their living and compete with enormous talents to secure their place. The only place where someone feels relaxed and free from stress is when they are at their own home. Home is where we feel special and live like a king – small or big doesn’t matter if the ambience is ideal for our needs. However, it has been seen that home also fails to provide the positivity which is required and that is because of their improper positioning.

According to some of the best Vastu consultants in Kolkata, Vastu Shastra has the power to provide prosperity, spiritual balance, calmness and emotional support to your homes which is why it is so demanding these days. Given below are some of the tips that you can consider from Vastu aspects for the welfare of your home:

1) The Main Entrance

The main door or entrance door is the primary factor for bringing along positive energy into your house. Hence, we should make sure that the entrance door opens inwards and doesn’t make too much noise during the opening and closing time.

2) Colour of the Walls

In Vastu Shastra, white colour or any other light colour adds a very soothing effect to the house. Bright rainbow colours brush up the aesthetic appeal of the houses and help in bringing positive energy.

3) Get Rid of Useless Things

Untidy and Useless things like broken watches, electronic gadgets, mirrors etc. provides resistance in the path of positive energy. Hence it is always advisable to get rid of such things so that positive energy is always felt inside the houses.

4) Add Plants to Your House

Keeping plants like Tulsi/Basil and other flowering plants at your home is considered to be very important from Vastu Shastra. These plants draw away the negative energy from your houses and also keep the air fresh.

5) Feel Comfortable through Music

Calm music from musical instruments, bells and wind chimes have the power to draw away all kinds of negative energy from the houses and making the atmosphere very soothing.

6) Factors Related to Bedroom

It is very important to let the inflow of air and light into the bedroom and to keep your head in the south, east and west direction while sleeping. It is also recommended not to keep a mirror in the bedroom and if we have one already – we should always clover it while sleeping.

7) Factors Related to Kitchen

Kitchens should not be in the north-east direction and in front of the main doors or bedroom. The ideal position of kitchens is south-west or north-west direction.

8) Puja or Prayer Hall

This room should ideally be in the north-east direction to get the most positive effects of the room. If that can’t be in the north-east direction, east or west direction can be considered for the same.

Following the Vastu proposals may not generally be conceivable. While a few hints are effectively possible, some are definitely not. Notwithstanding, these tips are just to guarantee inspiration and agreement throughout everyday life. If not all, take a stab at rehearsing a couple of these tips to receive the rewards of old science.

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