Important Vastu Tips for Business Growth from the Best Vastu Consultants

By Parama Thakur | July 25th, 2022 | 0 Comments

Vastu Shastra is considered to be a part of science that deals mainly with architecture a later it was included under astrology. Vastu Shastra integrates knowledge from both Hinduism and Buddhism to include many concepts which have proven to be beneficial for us. Vastu Vidya information is an assortment of thoughts and ideas, with or without the help of format charts that are not unbending. Or maybe, these thoughts and ideas are models for the association of room and structure inside a structure or assortment of structures, in view of their capacities comparable to each other, their utilization and to the general surface of the Vastu.

Over the years, Vastu Shastra has played a very important part when it comes to the building of office spaces or commercial complexes. We all crave for an office environment space that provides positivity, makes us feel motivated and provide a sense of joy which in turn would help in our business growth. The architectural science that Vastu Shastra provides helps us in creating such an optimistic work culture where the business owners can enjoy lump sum profits and also the employees can enjoy a blissful work environment. Hence, it is always advisable to follow the best practices of Vastu Shastra while the construction is occurring. Given below are some of the tips shared by the best Vastu Consultants in Kolkata to bring along a huge amount of profit for your business:

 1) Placing the Office Building in the Right Direction

Placing the office building in the North-East or North-West direction is ideal to bring good fortune to the business and ensuring success. The northern direction is considered to be the direction of Kuber (the god of wealth) who can ensure financial benefits to the company. The eastern direction is the ideal one for a service-related business.

2) Proper Plot & Location of the Office

The office should be located in a crowded place rather than isolated ones. Moreover, it would be best if we could surround the office with roads. Moreover, it is believed that “Sher Mukhi Plots” are the ideal ones for commercial complexes like offices as a lion is considered to be the symbol of power – which is suitable for commercial complexes.

3) Office Entrance and Reception

The main office entrance should be in the north or eastern direction without any obstacles. Also, the reception of the company, which often denotes its nature should be in the north or east direction to let the positive energies coming to the office.

  4) Office Workstations

As per Vastu Shastra, it is recommended to keep the square or rectangular shaped office desks ie, those having four corners. Moreover, it is also recommended for the north-facing workstations to keep the documents or electronic appliances like laptops etc. to the left corner of the table and east-facing workstation to keep them along the right corner for ensuring success.

5) Office Owner Room

It is recommended to keep the room of the office owner along the south-west direction and to keep them face the northern direction while working. Also, the office desk of the owner should be four-cornered for ensuring proper success.

However, the points mentioned above are not the only ones which you should consider planning your offices. There are many other important points that we have to consider while really moving into the office like performing a “Hom Jogya” which is by far the most important one to eradicate any evil effects. Consider consulting some of the top astrologers and Vastu bid in Kolkata for a proper solution.

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